Thales Hawkei - the next generation in Protected Mobility 2 Апрель 2015, 10:14

Meeting the needs of defence forces constantly challenged by Improvised Explosive Devices, mines or small arms ambushes, Hawkei is a highly mobile, highly protected light vehicle that meets today’s and tomorrow’s operational needs.

Hawkei hight protected wheeled armoured vehicle
Named after the largest native Australian snake in the Death Adder species – Acanthophis Hawkei – the HAWKEI joins the Thales Family of Protected Mobility Vehicles alongside the Bushmaster, Single Cab Utility Vehicle and Fireking.
The Hawkei Light Protected Vehicle fulfills a number of operational roles and takes advantage of its small size to move stealthily, remain hidden and provide levels of coverage and safety that military operations require.
The vehicle will be equipped with weapons and systems that will provide unparalleled situational awareness and lethality for a vehicle of this size and weight.
For further information please refer to our Hawkei brochures located in the related documents box or visit www.hawkei.com