Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) 1 Апрель 2015, 10:32

Watchkeeper is a high-performance Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), with scalable architecture for a wide range of military and homeland security mission requirements. Built to operate in extreme and challenging environments, it is an integrated Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) system, designed to collect, exploit and distribute vital infor

Watchkeeper’s key iSR Capabilities

1. Surveillance

Watchkeeper’s range and endurance – and its combination of electro-optical, infrared and radar sensors – allow both point and wide-area surveillance in all weathers, and even in zero-visibility. 

2. Reconnaissance

Watchkeeper can gather vital information on the whereabouts of potential threats, non-combatants and friendly forces. It also supports route reconnaissance, identifying possible threat locations and providing detailed terrain information. 

3. Information operations

Watchkeeper gathers and transmits imagery for information operations –
for example, details of collateral damage or hostile actions.

4. Target acquisition

Watchkeeper can identify and pinpoint targets, and, when appropriate, control or cue military action. Its sensors and laser subsystem provide accurate target location data to support precision assets, and can mark targets for ground forces. 

5. Situational awareness

Watchkeeper can transmit high quality images and video securely and reliably to numerous locations, giving commanders information and Image Intelligence (IMINT) that greatly enhances situational awareness.

A Sophisticated Ground Control System for mission Execution

The Watchkeeper’s GCS is its primary mission-planning, command and control interface, and can operate independently or as part of a C4I network. Missions are not mutually exclusive, and Watchkeeper can be dynamically
re-tasked while airborne.

Depending on operational requirements, the GCS can be static or semi-permanent, or fully mobile due to a range of transportable options. The GCS portable Shelter enables deliberate and dynamic tasking for mission sorties, and mission execution. The GCS can independently exploit and disseminate information, and can be networked into a variety of different information architectures.

Multi-sensor Capability

Watchkeeper carries the very latest optical and radar systems. Payload confi gurations include HD electro/optical, infrared and laser capabilities, to allow observation, recognition and transmission – and precision location accuracy – at any time of day or night, and in extreme weather conditions.

The Thales I-Master Radar performs both Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in strip-map and spotlight modes, and supports high quality ground mapping. The Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) can detect and track moving targets.

Optical Sensor:

High defi nition Electro/Optical Camera
For daylight observation, detection, and recognition,
and directing and tracking targets both day and night.
Transmits high defi nition still images and real time video
infra-red Camera
Ideal for night observation, detection, recognition,
and tracking targets.
Laser Sub System (LSS)
Comprises a Laser Target Designator and a Laser
Target Marker for marking targets by laser, and providing
precision location.

Radar Sensor:

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)*
SAR modes:
● Strip-map SAR, illuminating terrain parallel to the UAV’s path.
● Spotlight SAR, illuminating a fi xed area for a defi ned period.
The radar’s aim alters progressively and precisely as the UAV
follows its fl ight path, to keep the specifi ed area illuminated.

When processed at the GCS, radar data can help produce
high quality ground mapping images that, when used with
digital map data and management software, provide optimum
surveillance capabilities.

Ground moving Target indicator (GmTi)*

Detect and track moving targets such as very low speed, low
radar cross section foot patrols through to fast moving targets
such as speeding vehicles and under-fl ying aircraft.

* Both the SAR and G/MMTI capabilities are provided by Thales I-Master Radar:the world’s leading lightweight tactical surveillance GMTI/SAR radar.